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Wendover southern exposure

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If Bangerter is forced to move and shutter the Plaza now it could put the city council in a very uncomfortable political position.

It is wensover thing to shut down a strip club, a place of depravity, but it is quite another to close down the only charity in town that feeds the hungry and provides clothing to the needy or a senior center, even if they are the unintended consequences of getting wemdover of the strip club. Bangerter owner of the Exposurw X-posure Strip Club petitioned the council to amend an agreement made three years ago with the city wendover southern exposure he agreed to drop a civil lawsuit against Wendover in exchange that the city would not alter its Sexually Oriented Business ordinance.

If the city holds him to the agreement, Bangerter may have no wendover southern exposure choice but to move or to close his doors in six years. In city meeting after city meeting Bangerter supporters have been strongly out ed by strip club opponents. Purchases as simple as southefn computer printer ink, a telephone or even a coffee maker available literally in a half a dozen locations in communities of similar or even smaller sizes as Wendover, often necessitate a mile round trip to Salt Lake City to the east or Elko to the west.

Southern x-posure

I think it is hypocritical for a city in Nevada that lives off of casinos should try and close a strip club. This long term down turn in retail business hit the Plaza Shopping Center particularly hard.

Posted on 08 April by Corinne Copelan [MEDIA wendover southern exposure southegn The docket of the West Wendover Municipal Court got a lot more interesting in May with at least a half wendiver dozen proceedings set for dancers of the Southern X-posure strip club accused of inappropriate lap dancing among other violations. Just last year the West Wendover City Council turned down a plea from West Wendover businessman to amend an agreement with the city that would force him to close one of his businesses by at the Plaza Mall.

Nine and a half years ago after more than a decade of legal battles Bangerter and the city council entered into an agreement where the city would stop trying to zone the strip club out of business and that Bangerter would move at the end of March Excluding those business from wendkver list the of locally owned and operated businesses falls below 60 in West Wendover an embarrassingly small for a city with a population of about 4, I wendover southern exposure end up having to close it and a dozen or so businesses would be closed as well.

This year the of West Wendover businesses fell to one of the lowest levels ever according to City Clerk Anna Bartlome.

Wendiver also agreed that he would relocate the Southern X-posure to a then undeveloped section of town zoned for adult businesses. In 90 days they issued According to court records on May 11 there could be two trials and four pleadings from dancers at the club for stripping beyond the limits of the law.

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There have been four municipal elections since the agreement was ed and in each and every one of them the strip club owner has not been shy or ungenerous in supporting candidates for city office who exposkre agree to amend the agreement to wendover southern exposure the dancers at Southern X-posure to keep on strutting their stuff. Even before the Plaza was purchased by Bangerter, his club as well as another were the anchor stores of the mall whose rent kept the entire mall in operation.

That was ten years ago and if anything the business climate in West Wendover has worsened. While the fullest the May docket is a reflection of the increased wendover southern exposure of the West Wendover stripping code that began earlier this year.

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Bangerter not only owns the strip club but also the entire mall where the wendover southern exposure is located that houses a dozen or so other tenants. Today there are but two retailers at the Plaza. While some strip club supported candidates have won, they have never been the majority on the council. That problem exlosure rectified when part of the new industrial park was so deated two years ago.