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Spire root word

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Spire definition, a tall, acutely pointed pyramidal roof or rooflike construction upon a tower, roof, etc. Other buildings — religious or secular — can also have spires, though it's most common to see one on a Christian church.

WORDS THAT MAY BE CONFUSED WITH spire. Transpire has travelled a longer distance from its original meaning, which was similar to perspire: to pass through in the form of a vapour or liquid.

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Keep learning! The part of a church roof that rises above a city skyline or a village's rolling hills, pointing sharply up toward the sky, is its spire. spire,​. It then developed the meaning of passing through, or escaping, in the form of vapour, and then of escaping by evaporation.

Two technical terms derived from the Latin root are spirant, a linguistic term for a breathy consonant, and spirometer, the name of a spire root word for measuring lung capacity; the principle is called spirometry. Also based on the supernatural sense, it serves as a synonym for ghost. Plotters are also called conspirators, and conspiracy is a synonym for plot.

In addition, it acquired in alchemy an association with volatile substances and ultimately came to be applied to alcoholic beverages. Many church spires have a cross at the very top. The verb and the noun spire root word chiefly root to that sense—of having an emotion wore a feeling that prompts one to create or to cause something to happen.

The root of spire is the Old English spir, "sprout, shoot, or stalk of grass." Start learning this word.

The root of spire is the Old English spir, "sprout, shoot, or stalk of grass. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day?

Spiral, likewise, is unrelated spire root word to the -spire family of words and to spire and spear. Spire, referring to a tapering element such as the pinnacle of a tower, comes from an unrelated word for a sharp point; spear, however, is cognate with spire. It now means to take place or happen, though the earlier meaning survives as a specialised biological term.

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Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular postsor choose a related post below:. Its present use as a polite alternative to sweat is a narrowing of this latter meaning.

Latin root: spire,spir comes from the Latin word spiritus/spirare meaning breath in reference to the breath if life. The expiry date of your passport is the date wodr it breathes its last, and becomes void.

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Finally, a related term is spirit. Random Word spire A pointed cone shape on top of a root is called a spire, especially when it rises from the roof of a church. Add to List Thesaurus Share It.

The word spirit is used to refer to a wide range of intangible and not directly observable notions such as soul, supernatural being, ghost, essence, vital or activating principle e.