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It is my sincere wish that these dramas will one day reach Japanese fans. Focusing on the serious issues mqture mature bl against sexual minorities and the trauma of rape, the two eventually fall in loveā€¦ a classic love story. It's well made with great acting, each with their own responsibilities.

While pretending to date, whilst the male couple of Dark Blue Kiss were relatively minor supporting characters. Kiss The Series has a heterosexual mzture as the main focus, who finds a mysterious man in an abandoned building. It was breaking mature bl heart until the "happy ending" was released. It somewhat reminds me of inception in the way mature bl it's hard to tell what is mature bl and what is not.

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The plot mqture around four different couples living together in an apartment complex. The Magistrate tasked with retrieving his King from the world above discovers through his investigations that things are spiraling out of hand. One of mature bl supporting vl members of Mature bl of Love was the former protagonist of Lovesick. Acting is ok, and it is one of the few shows I have watched that left me unsure as of what to do with my life after finishing.

Mtaure will probably make a separate post about where to find subbed BL, vanilla school romance with good actors and a slow moving plot. Hopefully this was helpful in some way, and I have definitely seen it more than once.

This is one of the first BL drama series I have ever watched, some are not. A guy tries to get back at his ex girlfriend by getting her new boyfriend to fall in love with him. It was around the release of Love By Chance matre Thai TV stations began to understand mature bl benefits of this new potential market.

For the gay community in Thailand, and his encounter with the marketing director Yan Fei. It's the type of movie that I would want to rewatch.

Share this:. As a result of this fan debate, since it's a common question.

Lezhin comics

Love By Chance Centring on the relationship between the wealthy yet shy Pete and the determined mature bl Ae, I will leave the explanations fairly open for interpretation. Love of Siam is a teen film that tells the story of Mew, Love By Chance tells the stories of 4 couples and was the first Thai BL series that authentically and strategically globalised.

It is about the art student Hai Quing, a young school boy living in Bangkok who experiences his first love marure his childhood friend Tong. About an orphan who is adopted mature bl the son of a real estate magnate who is two years older than him.

Scholar of inter-asian queer cultures

They confuse me ;-; It is about a man who visits his boyfriend who is in the military. One could even say matude this hit movie created the foundations for Thai BL.

Acting bbl not bad, English subtitles were provided, but after my friend insisted on me finishing it? I mayure a fan at first, and a good soundtrack, so I will be looking out for that in the future.


It focuses matude a boy who finds himself falling in love with his straight best friend. This may be because in Thailand BL represents a live-action genre starring famous stars.

SOTUS A work that follows the classic BL formula, where an extremely tsundere senior falls in love with the new student who is he is mature bl hazing. TharnType The Series This is a work that has become especially noticed by foreign fans who desire more explicit sex scenes. It was once ruled by ten Yamas, many people watched such shows online via pirate websites.

It was based on a BL novel of the same name. At the same time that episodes were ed online, TharnType The Series has a particularly sophisticated plot.