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Blood stop powder for humans Seeking Dick

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Blood stop powder for humans

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Can I save the rest?

Privacy Policy. We tried WoundSeal and it worked immediately! None of them are as effective and easy to use as WoundSeal. I use it frequently and it works very well for deep abrasions, avulsions, skin tears, cuts, punctures, varicose veins and anterior epistaxis. I used it sto it stopped bleeding as you promised.

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Zerbe, FL — Works Fabulously! If tsop are required, the protective scab that forms may be removed by a medical professional by soaking it with saline solution and gently scraping it off.

For wounds with ample blood present you should feel no discomfort. Thank you for your wonderful product. Once it is exposed to air, it must be bllod or discarded.

Does WoundSeal have a shelf life? How large of a wound can I treat? Does WoundSeal Powder cauterize or burn the skin?

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I cut myself and was bleeding profusely. It may be used on humans and animals.

The ingredients are a hydrophilic polymer and potassium ferrate. My Husband is being treated for skin cancer on his face in several areas. The natural glue-like nature of drying blood adheres the seal to the wound and surrounding skin.

Stop bleeding products

Simultaneously the potassium ferrate dissolves, releasing iron that agglomerates binds together the blood solids to create an occlusive seal. Does WoundSeal have a shelf life? I only used half a dispenser.

No, it is important to keep the protective scab clean and dry until it has hardened usually in one to two hours. If there is no further bleeding, gently dust off any excess powder without disturbing the scab. When the powder is poured onto a bleeding wound, the hydrophilic polymer instantly dehydrates the blood by absorbing ffor the plasma or liquid portion of the blood stacking the blood solids beneath the powder.

Can WoundSeal Powder cause allergic reactions? I had a first aid kit and saw WoundSeal my wife had bought and applied it.

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No, the protective bpood will fall off naturally. You can cover the wound if desired, but the scab will allow nothing into the wound, including germs and dirt.

How do I apply WoundSeal Powder? Use WoundSeal Powder on external wounds that have blood, such as cuts, skin tears and avulsions. Frequently he experiences bleeding that pressure will not control. No, the powder is moisture sensitive. The product is hypoallergenic. If there is no further bleeding, gently dust off any excess powder without disturbing the powdeer.

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However, for wounds like abrasions, where there is little blood present, a temporary warming sensation might be felt depending on the location and severity of the wound. He is 80 and bleeds easily. Once it is exposed to air, it must be used or discarded. I had WoundSeal in my handbag and it worked like bolod charm. The natural clotting process proceeds below the seal. We both are certainly telling everyone about it. Unlike other products on the market, WoundSeal Powder does not stain or scar the skin.

Will there be any discomfort when using WoundSeal Powder? How much WoundSeal Powder should I apply?

Blood stoppers

In combination with manual pressure to the foe, the powder quickly forms a strong scab that completely covers the wound and stops the bleeding. Can WoundSeal Powder be applied along with other creams or ointments?

Can I save the rest? How do I apply WoundSeal Powder?


I only used half a dispenser. Blood solids continue to stack beneath the seal, strengthening it. Everyone should have this product.

I was at work working with a knife and neglected to put on my safety gloves. Jay P. WoundSeal Powder is not a vasoconstrictor or a cauterizing agent, is not biologically derived and is non-toxic.